This Is The Former Jobs Of Popular Celebrities Before They Become Successful!

To become successful in life requires determination and unwavering courage. These are necessary to stand against trials and challenges along the way. The path of success is not a sprint but a marathon. But aside from that, we also need to think and work outside the box. We should not be limit by what we can do and what we can’t do.

We have heard stories of people, even celebrities that started from scratch to greener pasture. Because of being positive in life, motivation and unwavering faith, they are are living the life they just dreamed before.

Here are the 12 famous celebrities and their former jobs before they rose to fame:

1. Diether Ocampo

Before showbiz, he is working as a bartender near ABS-CBN when a talent scout saw him. He’s one of the matinee idols of his time and became of the most popular faces in the industry.

2. Jericho Rosales

He works as a pizza restaurant and a personal driver before he started as an actor and studied abroad. He’s one of the most sought leading men even up to this day. He also made a name in the international screen.

3. Nora Aunor

“The Grand Dame of Philippine Cinema” used to be a vendor of water and peanuts near a train station.

4. Richard Gomez

Richard Gomez is one of the matinee idols of his time. He’s also star in the industry. But before he started his career, he used to be a service crew in a fast food restaurant. Now, he’s a politician.

5. Marc Pingris

Marc Pingris is a vendor of fish and ice buko before he became a famous PBA player.

6. Fernando Poe Jr.

The “King of Philippine Cinema” is a stuntman before he became a star and a leading man.

7. Kim Domingo

The ever gorgeous Kim Domingo was a promo girl at liquor company before she rose to fame.

8. Marvin Agustin

Before he rose to fame and own a restaurant, Marvin Agustin used to be a food vendor and a waiter.

9. Dolphy

The “Comedy King” is a coachman and a shoe cleaner before he became a star and rose to fame.

10. Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame is used to be a jeepney barker and newspaper boy before he became an actor, host and a millionaire.

11. Coco Martin

Coco Martin became an inspiration to many because of his life story. He used to be a janitor in Canada and used to do indie films. Now, he’s one of the famous celebrities in the industry today and known to be resurrecting long-forgotten artists.

12. Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao used to work as a construction worker and a baker. Look at him now! He is a billionaire, a world-renowned boxer, and politician.

These celebrities became an inspiration to many and their lives became a motivation especially for people who have the same experience with them right now. But despite their careers and riches, they remained grounded and humble. There’s nothing impossible for those who believe and success is never far from those who are determined to achieve it.

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