Story Of How A Tycoon Changes The Life Of A Maid’s Son, Make Every Readers Cry!

This tycoon changed the life of a maid’s son with a simple, kind act. Make the readers cry.


There was a poor maid who worked for a rich business tycoon had a 4-year-old son. Every day, she felt guilty that she had to leave him at home so she could work from early morning to late night. The tycoon noticed her difficult situation, offering a room at the mansion so she could live with her son.


The maid gently refused the offer, saying:

“Thank you sir but you do not have to do that. I am afraid I will be an inconvenience to you and your family.”

She did not disclose the reason behind but she refused because she didn’t want her son to grow up with low self-esteem after realizing the large gap between their current life and the rich people who owned the mansion. The young boy did not know that his mother is working as a maid.

One day, the tycoon threw a large party for his friends and invited the maid’s son knowing the maid needed to work and might be home really late. However, the maid refused the rich man’s offer. The young mother only wanted to bring her son so she could help out in serving guests at the party.


The maid brought her son to the mansion and was amazed by how big the rooms were and how grand the rich man’s house was. But she whisked him away to a grand, unused bathroom, giving the little boy a plate full of sausage rolls to eat. To lighten the situation, she explained:

“I brought you here because you are still young and the dinner is only for adults but don’t worry, they let you to sit here because you are a special guest. Here are sausage rolls and you can eat them later when I go to work.”

There, he just ate the rolls and sang his favorite songs while waiting for his mother.

The tycoon remembered the maid’s son and when he caught her up, the tycoon asked where her son is. She just replied that the kid might be playing in the garden.

While searching for the boy, the businessman heard a voice coming from the bathroom, surprised to find a kid eating inside. He asked why, and the boy replied:

“My mother said this room is a special room for me. The owner of this home prepared it for me. Who are you, sir? I am eating these sausage rolls that my mother gave to me before she went to work and they are so good but I can’t finish them all. Do you want some? Or you can sit here with me while I try to finish eating these rolls.”

Amazed by the boy’s reply, the tycoon smiled. He sat with the boy, reminiscing his past as a poor boy as he chatted with the kid. the tycoon dispensed a life advice to the four-year-old:

“You have to be good to your mother, little man. Always love her and be a good person when you grow up.”

The party guests found the tycoon plopped on the bathroom floor, singing some silly songs and chatting with a young boy. They soon joined him and the kid inside, making the boy feel welcomed.

With the guidance of her mother and the genuine advised of the tycoon, the boy grew up and eventually became the owner of a multi-million business empire. But he never forgot the life lesson he learned in that tycoon’s bathroom that day. Despite his riches and success, he remained a kind, generous person who regularly donated to many charities, anonymously. An assistant asked him about why he never reveals his name to the charities and he told her this story.

“I would never forget that years ago, a tycoon and his elite guests put aside their high status in order to protect a naive 4-year-old me who came from a poor family so that I would not feel different than them,” the maid’s son explained to his curious assistant.


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