Inspiring Story Of A Poor Farmer Who Makes His Son Graduate From College, Earned Praise From Netizens.

This kind of story may not be new to us, however, it still touches our hearts and we acquire inspiration to pursue greatness despite struggles and hardships.

Everyone dream to go and finish college because they believe that it is their ticket out of poverty, especially those who are not well-off in life. They have their parents working really hard to support them and some juggles school and part-time job to be able to pay for their tuition and those driven individuals are not far from the greener pasture.

On the other hand, some individuals who are well-sustained when it comes to education doesn’t take it seriously. Apparently, they have people to depend on so they don’t need to work or earn money to sustain them.

Education is one of the greatest weapons that we can use for a brighter future that gives us the ability to achieve our dreams and live our life to the fullest.

Graduation is one of the most awaited day students and parents are looking forward to. We see a lot of photos of graduating students, graduates celebrating with their friends who also graduated and those with their loved ones. But behind this success and joy are proud parents, parents who work hard day and night just to sustain their children`s education, those parents who sacrifice their health and well being just to see their children succeed, parents who put aside their needs to give more to their children and parents who passed on their dreams to their children.

The following photos are from a proud farmer and his son, taken on the graduation day.

According to reports, this poor farmer lost his wife during childbirth so he was left alone to look after his son, he works hard every day in his life to raise his son and In doing so his son was able to achieve one of his dreams and that is the graduate from college.

The sources also said that the young man was a graduate of Ratchapat University in Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand that may graduate with a doctorate degree based on the attire.

This poor farmer was able to support his son with his dream and now, all his hard work is paid off.

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