Mother Left Her Baby Inside The Car to Eat Breakfast. But When She Went Back, She Almost Cried On What She Saw!

This mother confidently left her baby inside the car to eat breakfast. But when she came back, she almost cried on what she saw.

We all heard the famous reminder saying, ‘mother knows best’. However, we can’t deny the fact that mothers are also prone to mistakes because they’re humans. Just rest in the fact that mothers wish nothing but the best for their children.

Recently, a mother went viral on the internet after she almost took the life her baby by leaving it inside her car to eat breakfast in San Andres de Cholula, Mexico.

According to Telivisan.NEWS, the mother was reported leaving her baby alone in her car to eat breakfast with her friends is a nearby shopping mall. The baby was trapped inside the hot vehicle without any ventilation nor cooling.

People who happened to see the condition of the child said that the baby could have passed away if wasn’t rescued. In order to save the poor child, one concerned strangers blocked the direct sunlight with a street sign. Fortunately, other passersby located where the mother was.

Then the mother immediately went to see what happened and took her baby out. Because of her reckless action, people who witnessed started throwing insults towards the mother.

“Poor baby, she’s so read.”

“Stupid mother, take your baby with you.”

The mother admitted her mistake and she expressed her deep regret while being filmed by a bystander. She also received negative comments from the netizens in Mexico.

Watch the video below:

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