Homeless Man Made The Restaurant Staff Flustered After He Rejected And Told Him To Leave!

A restaurant staff learned his lesson the hard and unexpected way when he refused to serve a homeless man and told him to leave.

The 23-year-old Coby Persin was rejected by a restaurant staff and told to go away. Little did the staff know, Coby is a Youtube star who was in for an attempt to prove that appearances can always be deceiving. In his challenge, he pulled a social experiment to see whether or not he would be refused an entry to a restaurant in Florida when he dressed up as homeless.


In a three-minute clip, Corby can be seen walking over to a restaurant in scruffy clothes and a large garbage bag in his hand before asking a staff member who was waiting by the entrance for a table for him and his friend, Ronaldo.

He also asked for a menu. “Hi, how are you? I would like to get a table for me and my friend Ronaldo – to see the menu maybe,” he says to the staff.

But his request was rejected by the staff who spared no time and feelings to tell him that the restaurant would not serve the homeless. “I’m sorry. We’re not going to be able to do it, sir,” he says while blocking Coby’s access to the restaurant.

“This place is a little too expensive for you,” he further added.

Upon hearing the staff’s reply, Coby then asked him for a menu again. “Nope,” the staff replies bluntly.

“We can’t serve you, we’re not going to serve you today. I’m sorry about that”

The staff keeps on turning down Coby’s request even Coby tells him that he has a lot of money. But the staff told him to leave instead.

“Can you please get away? Go eat at McDonald’s – some other options but not here,” the staff says to Coby.

Then the YouTube star pulled out his phone and call his friend, Ronaldo. Apparently, the staff told him to get away from the restaurant’s entrance and make the call somewhere else.

To his surprise, Ronaldo appears with an exclusive white Rolls Royce and Coby then asked Ronaldo to get him the briefcase at the trunk of the Rolls Royce.

Thought the face of the staff was blurred, it was obvious that he immediately gets flustered after the incident happens.

This video taught to never judge people just by looking at their outside appearance. You never know the man whose shirt looks shabby and wearing flip-flops might be a millionaire in disguise.

Watch the video below:

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