Beautiful American Girl Is In love And Got Married To A Young Man Living From China’s Outback. But After Her Husband Passed Away, She Maid An Unexpected Decision!

In a remote area in Henan, China, there is a smart young man with excellent academic achievement that makes him able to finish his studies abroad. When this young man continued his studies at a university in the United States, he met a girl of American descent named Lina.

Because this young man is very smart in the field he studied, he got  Lina’s attention. Since Lina first acquainted with the young Chinese man, she in love with him.

Since both of them is in the same class, the young man also learned to love Lina. Later, they both in love and encourage and support each other with their lessons and foster a deeper sense of love.

After graduation, this young man decided to return to China and established a career. But in Lina’s part, it’s not what it should suppose to be. Lina is willing to leave her country to marry this young man and follow him in China.

Her love for the young man made her don’t mind herself. She became brave despite it is not the place where she grew up, though she will deal with cultural differences, and language. She is more than willing to accept the challenge, as her deep love towards her husband was pushing her.

Lina stayed at her husband’s house and their neighbor saw the warmth of their love for each other. However, their fate didn’t make their happiness stay long. In less than a year of their marriage, Lina’s husband was involved in a road incident and passed away, just when Lina had just given birth to their first child.

This unexpected incident had took away Lina’s happiness though she should still be happy because their child was born. Upon hearing the news from the villagers, Lina feel unconscious and suddenly her world became very dark and blankly, thinking the fate of her husband and herself and their children.

Before her husband’s eternal rest, her husband had spoken to her about her elderly mother-in-law. He said that she bought a house for her mother and promised to give her, her wife and their child a happy life. But the blink of an eye, Lina felt very sad and became depressed remembering the fate that has happened to her.

Everyone was thinking that Lina will decide to leave her husband’s house and go back to the United State. However, Lina has made an unexpected decision. She decided to stay at her husband’s house with her mother-in-law. But when Lina’s parents came to China and advised her to return to America, Lina stood up to her decision to stay at her husband’s house and take care her elderly mother-in-law.

Lina’s decision was prompted as she always remembers the message and the words of her late husband who is concerned about her mother-in-law’s welfare.

Rumors went around the village that Lina would not be able to survive with her mother-in-law and would return to America, Lina had set her heart by saying, “I will stay in China to look after my elderly mother-in-law. I can not leave my husband who has an elderly mother. I must represent my husband and keep his mother’s goodness here. ”

Lina said, “Although my mother-in-law did not give birth and raise me, but her sacrifice given to my husband until he succeeded in his life will make me stay here to repay her service and be responsible for her kindness. For me, the mother of my husband is my mother too! ”


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