Heart-Melting Photos Of Rambutan Vendors Carrying Their Children Inside Their Cart!

Parents wanted nothing but good and healthy for their children that’s why some of them work in abroad or toil so much just to provide it. But not all parents can give what they want for their children and some of them work really hard, night and day, just to support their beloved children.

Recently, a photo of a husband and wife who sells corn and rambutan in the streets went trending on social media. Why? Because these vendors are hiding something in their cart!

Surprisingly, the couple’s two children were sleeping in the rambutan cart. While the husband sells grilled corn, the wife watches over the rambutans and their two children.

The snaps were captured and uploaded on the Facebook page ‘All about the Philippines’ by Shair Joy Mendelez and the vendors were situated in the Divisoria area, Manila.

Since there was nobody to look after their children, they are forced to bring their children to the market while they do their business. For hours, they made a makeshift bed in their cart to let their children rest while they continue selling corn and rambutans.

The story of the vendors instantly circulated after the concerned netizen narrated the story of how she found out about the family’s situation.

She said that while strolling in the market, her eyes spotted the rambutan cart. She went up close to make sure of what she saw and talk to the vendor about their situation. Mendelez then bought 5 pieces of grilled corn and 3 kg of rambutans to help support the family’s business.

She then encouraged the local residents to stop by and support their business as well. Fortunately, many netizens sympathize with the family and want to help them out.

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