Man Marries Three Women Together In One Ceremony!

This man marries three women together in one ceremony but says he can’t afford to marry them separately.

Under Islamic marital jurisprudence, Muslim men are allowed to practice polygyny, that is, they can have more than one wife at the same time, up to a total of four. Polyandry, the practice of a woman having more than one husband, by contrast, is not permitted.

Muslim men can have more than one wife but it he must be able to support all his wives, including their children. But one Muslim man claims that even if he could not afford to throw a separate wedding for his three wives, they agreed to marry him at the same time and that they were marrying him for love, not for his money.

Image: Buzz Flare

Mohammed Ssemanda, a 50-year-old man from Uganda made the headlines recently across many sites after he married three women at once.

Despite the fact that he can’t afford to marry them separately, the man claimed that the women liked each other and are marrying him for love. He also knows the responsibility he’ll be facing to support his bigger family but Ssemanda said it was something he would gladly do.

Dressed in white gowns and bringing nearly identical bouquets, Ssemanda’s brides seem to be overwhelmed with happiness as they married their dream guy. Although it was later revealed that the happiest woman in the photos was actually Ssemanda’s first wife which he marries again as he takes his vows with the two other women.

Image: Buzz Flare

Salmat Naluwugge, 48 years old was married to Ssemanda for over 20 years; they have 5 children together.

When Ssemanda decided to take on two more wives, Naluwugge claimed she was alright with the idea especially because her husband did not make her feel left out as he decided she should be included in the ceremony so they can renew their vows.

“I thank our husband for marrying us all at once; it is a sign that he will not discriminate or take sides with any of us,” Naluwugge said.

The women are not jealous of each other. The two new brides were actually sisters 24-year-old Mastulah Namwanje and 27-year-old Jameo Nakayiza.

“My wives are not jealous against each other. Good enough, each has got a home and I promise to work harder and support them,” Ssemanda said.

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