Bike Made From Wood, Skillfully Carved By A Tribe In The Philippines.

Have you ever think of cycling a bike made from wood?

Bicycle is one of the mode of transportation that has largely been overlooked which is ideal in an urban setting and inexpensive purchase and maintenance. Bicycles are not a common thought as a form of public transportation. But technological advances have allowed this to be successfully challenged throughout the world.

In the 21st century, many forms of transportation have been modernized such as motorbikes, bicycles, electric bikes, scooters and many more. Technology made our lives improve and level up from traditional ways.

But one tribe in the Philippines made the modern into traditional in a most unthinkable creative way. They created a bike made from wood or let’s say, carved from wood.

An aborigine tribe in the Philippines called the Igolot-Garonne is known for their excellent wood-carving skills. They were notably remembered for their skills and special techniques passed down from generation.

They are known in their specialty of making amusement bikes that are carved and sourced 100% from trees. This bike is made from wood but each wood-bicycle is different in appearance showing each woodman’s interest and skills

The bike made from wood is mostly designed with carve animals like a horse head, dragon, lion and etc. The bikes, however, have no brakes and pedals to stop or accelerate so it requires added skills to learn how to ride it

To ride, they will wear their tribe costume in bright red and rolls down the street. They are so proud of their bike made from wood that probably took years of skills to polish and more months to complete.

The tribe of Igolot-Garonne is definitely skillful and talented!

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