His Girlfriend Carried Him Through Flood Just To Save His precious Leather Shoes.

Recently, a woman from Wuhan, China was seen wading through flood which causes her to become the talk of social media.

Source: CCTVNews

Most of the southern cities in China was covered with flood due to heavy rainstorms.

A scene was captured during this ruckus that caught people’s attention, seeing a girl giving his boyfriend a piggyback ride just to save his precious leather shoes.

Source: CCTVNews

Despite all the negative comments her boyfriend received, she defended that she only did it because she’s wearing a sandal and it would be difficult to clean the leather shoes if it soaked in the muddy water.

One netizen commented: “I would definitely marry that girl if I were the lucky guys. Where can I find a girl like that?”

Source: CCTVNews

It seems like it didn’t sit well with some netizens. One person condemned the man: “What a joke man?.. take off your shoes.” Some started calling him names.

In fact, this is not the first a scene like this caused buzz on the internet.

Source: CCTVNews

Back in 2014, a similar photo caused an outraged when a woman was carrying his boyfriend through the flood wearing heels and also gave out the reason that it was to save his shoes.

One netizen said: “I am confused about whether this is misogyny or a triumph of feminism.”

Who knows? Maybe this just something they are fun to do as a couple or maybe you were right in thinking that the guys were selfish.

You as the judge, what do you think is the reason behind this scene? Let us know in the comment section below.

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