Inspiring Story Of A 5-Year-Old Girl Who Has Been His Blind Father’s Guide To Work.

This 5-year-old girl stood as her blind father’s guide to work. Little did they know, their story will catch people attention and brought them a surprise.

In 2016, a viral video of a 5-year-old Filipino girl sending and fetching her father from work every day and this story quickly touched the hearts of millions of netizens.

Source: Good Times

According to Canadian media CTV, the 5-year-old girl was identified as Jenny from the Philippines would send and fetch her father ‘Nelson Dodong Pepe’ to work at a coconut farm.

As their plight became viral on social media, a charity organization which later decided to help Jenny and her father.

Source: Good Times

As seen in the picture above, 5-year-old Jenny can be seen leading her blind father to a nearby coconut plantation to work. She leads her father using a stick of wood in each hand and trying to avoid colliding with other people.

Jenny would give his father a bottle of water before he starts working. And when during a break, she would lead her father to the canteen for some drinks and biscuits.

Source: Good Times

According to the ABS-CBN Foundation, Jenny’s father needs to climb around 60 coconut trees a day and he only earns 300 pesos (around USD6.40) per day. After the video was widely circulated, ABS-CBN came and visited Jenny and her father.

The local station said that they were willing to help them which Father Pepe was then taken to Manila where he was diagnosed with retinal detachment and retinitis.

Source: Good Times

ABS-CBN reported on its website that Pepe would undergo a ‘livelihood training’ and would relocate his family to a ‘safe environment’.

Source: Good Times

Now, Jenny and her family do not have to worry about their poor living condition anymore thanks to the generosity of the public and ABS-CBN Foundation.

Source: Good Times

A little kindness is a big thing for those in need. How inspiring it is to hear stories of people helping their kababayans!

Watch the video below:

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