Inspiring Story Of A Father Who Bought A Meal For His Daughter In A Fast food Chain But What She Did Melts The Heart Of Many!

Nothing in this world can compare to a parent’s love. There are the ones that despite of our mistakes and shortcomings, they will always be there and still show unconditional love towards us. Parents have the most difficult job. Aside from having no day off, they’re the ones who provide when we are lacking, sacrifices their own happiness for us, and they even decided to be away and work abroad just to provide a comfortable life for their family, especially their children.

A Twitter user named Karl Vincent was lucky enough to witness this love through a touching father-daughter moment in McDonald’s.

I ate lunch at McDonald's and I saw this father together with her daughter. He only ordered a meal and gave it to her…

Posted by Willie Revillame Supporters on Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The netizen shared the touching experience on Twitter and it immediately caught the attention of many netizens. He narrated that he’s eating at a popular fast food chain. He was probably minding his own business when he overheard this beautiful father-daughter moment.

The father ordered one meal and brought it to their table where his daughter sat. Well, we know where the story is headed. The father probably didn’t have enough money to buy extra meal so he willingly gave it up for his daughter.


But the story didn’t end up there. After his child finishes eating half of the meal, the kind daughter offered the other half to her father, saying: “Papa sa’yo nalang ‘to.” Unbelievable right?

This interaction left Karl Vincent speechless as well as thousands who read his post. Even Karl was reminded of his great childhood and the love of his father.

“It brings back the memories when I was younger and innocent. Like the father’s daughter, my mom or dad will bring me to a fast food restaurant and buy food for me. I would ask them why they weren’t eating and their response will always be ‘Busog pa ako anak.’”

There was one netizen who said that it reminded him of a line his father always said: “Naalala ko tuloy lagi simasabi ni papa sakin. ‘makita lang kitang busog, busog na din ako’”

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