Adorable Baby Girl Didn’t Realize A Large Butterfly On Her Head Who Seems Unaware Of Its Presence!

Butterflies are the adult flying stage of brightly colored flying insects belonging to an order or group called Lepidoptera. Its two pairs of large wings are covered with overlapping rows of tiny scales, that vary in color and pattern from species to species. Speaking of, an adorable baby girl didn’t realize a large butterfly on her head and seems unaware of its presence.

Insects such as butterflies and bees are attracted to colorful flowers and their sweet nectar. However, this blue butterfly seems found this one baby girl prettier than any flowers.

While this beautiful and adorable baby girl was having a fun time at a butterfly conservatory, a large butterfly suddenly land on her head. It is common to see butterflies flying around the conservatory but her parents were surprised when an incredibly large butterfly lands on their baby’s head.

But it looks like the baby was quite unaware of the fact that there is a huge butterfly on her shiny head. When her dad called her name, she just only stares at the camera with her big blue eyes.

The video clip later shows the butterfly seems like ready to fly somewhere else. As it spread its wings, the butterfly has a spectacular blue pattern with black edges on its wings.

The butterfly is one of the most symbolic animals. According to traditional Chinese and ancient Greek cultures, the butterfly is the symbol of immortality. In the ancient Greek culture, it is also the symbol of the soul. In Greek mythology, Psyche, a princess raised to the rank of a goddess, represented in the form of a winged girl who looks very much like a butterfly.

In the Japanese tradition, a white butterfly is the symbol of the souls of the dead. A black butterfly is mainly considered a symbol of misfortune and death, while the yellow butterfly is a sign of joy, happiness, and hope.

We all know that running into a butterfly’s path does not happen by chance. But one thing is for sure, the huge butterfly shows its interest in this adorable baby. She might be also lucky to make a new best friend with the blue butterfly!

Watch the video below:

Butterfly jungle blue butterfly lands on baby

Butterfly jungle blue butterfly lands on baby

Posted by BERUSSA on Sunday, July 22, 2018

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