Man Startled After Seeing Two Puppies And A Cobra In An Abandoned Pit But The Man Wondered Why The Cobra Didn’t Attack The Puppies.

Do you agree that animals are unpredictable creatures? There are instances where they can be loving and turned vicious at the same time. Just like what story that happened in the Indian state of Punjab who dumbfounded who witness the act.

One day a man spotted a dog barking fiercely at a well and he knew that something was abnormal. He took a closer look and was freaked out by what she had witnessed.

He saw two puppies of dog barking that had fallen into the pit of the largest and harmful snake in the world, the King Cobra.

But the climax of the story is not what we all think it is. Now, the strangest part is that the snake surprisingly didn’t harm the two little puppies. In fact, the venomous snake is guarding the two puppies by herding both of them safely in the corner of the pit. Think of that!

This snake, we all thought a danger to any creature, is amazingly protecting the two puppies from harm, not just making them safe. The King Cobra did not attack the shivering puppies and instead, was found to be protecting them by herding to a safe corner of the pit

The two cute puppies spent 48 hours in the pit when the authorities finally arrived to rescue them. In the part of the cobra, it just crawled to the other side of the well out of the way and escape. Thankfully, the puppies were not injured at all, whilst the snake was taken to the woods and released.

As the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover.”

Watch the video below:

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