This Man Was Late To His Job Interview Because Of Helping Someone To Fix His Car. The Next Thing That Happened Will Amaze You!

Good intention is always a good thing and a little ounce of kindness is not small for others who are in need. We are always reminded by the quote Conan O’ Brien, “Work hard. Be kind and amazing things will happen.” This is exactly what happens to a guy who shows kindness to someone.


Jimmy used to work as a car mechanic but it had been a long time since he last worked. He really needed a job so he applied for a vacancy in a company. Fortunately, he got a call back from the company that he applied to, saying that he got a job interview. He dressed up nicely in a crisp, white shirt and a pair of black slacks and went on his way to the interview.

But he saw a man kicking the back tire of his car and assumed that the man doesn’t know what to do. Since the bus had not arrived yet and Jimmy felt the need to help the man, Jimmy went to help him.

The man was thankful for Jimmy and asked him why he was all dressed up in a formal suit. Jimmy replied to the man that he was on his way to a job interview. Fixing the car was not a big deal to Jimmy who used to work as a mechanic but it took quite a while for him to fix it. When he had finished fixing the car, Jimmy realized he would not make it in time for his job interview.

The man asked to pay Jimmy for his service but he refused to accept it and said that he only wanted to help someone in need. Then the man offered to drive him to the job interview instead. Jimmy could not refuse the man’s offer as he was already late for his interview so the man drove Jimmy to the company and went on his way.

Upon arriving at the waiting room, Jimmy noticed that the line was long. While others applicants were neat and look prepared, he has some grease marks on his hands. He felt relieved upon knowing that the interviewer was late and the interview had not started yet.

When it was Jimmy turn, he was more nervous as he sees the applicants looking downcast and rejected coming out from the interview. As soon as he looked up for the interviewer, he was surprised to see that the interviewer was the man that he helped fixed his car that morning. It turned out that the man was the general manager of the company.

“I’m sorry I had to keep you waiting. But I’m quite sure I’ve made the right decision of having you as part of our team before you even stepped into the office. I just knew you’d be a trustworthy worker. Congratulations!” said the man.

Indeed, the story tells us that if we do good to others, the good will come to us back. Never hesitate to help because you might be needing someone’s help also.

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