Proud Husband impressively Captured A Once In A Life Time Photo Of His Pregnant Wife And A Jumping Dolphin!

A photo shoot is a trend, especially for those social media fanatics. In particular, maternity photo shoots became an instant trending and also a booming business. Most
of pregnant women like to have pregnancy photoshoots to document there days of carrying their baby.

However, photoshoots with a pregnant woman are both challenging and risky. A photographer has a lot of things to consider such as a good shot and the safety of the pregnant
woman and her child. We couldn’t blame why other pregnant mothers refuse to join the trend and put their lives in danger.

But for some who are really into it, a pregnancy photo shoot is a perfect way to showcase the artistic side of being a pregnant woman. It also encourages women, in all sizes and shapes, to be comfortable with the physical figures. It also increases self-esteem and positivity.

Among those is the financial business analyst named Dan Mozer who decided to take snaps of her 31-year-old pregnant wife named Angeline.

Taken from the scenic coastline of Jacksonville, Florida, the proud husband suddenly captured an impressive once-in-lifetime picture featuring his pregnant wife and a jumping

Shared with a local website “News4Jax”, Dan Mozer described the image on his Instagram as:

“Once-in-a-lifetime shot. Viewer Dan Mozer shared this image of his wife Angeline as they were taking maternity shots at Atlantic Beach.”

Many social media users were impressed by the photo.

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