This Australian Woman Only Learned That Her Husband Owned 15 Units Of Luxury Homes Only After Filing A Divorce. She Felt Bad After Living A Simple Life With Him For 30 Years.

After 30 years of living a poor and simple life together with her husband, this Australian woman was astonished after finding out that her husband owned 15 units of expensive houses and large deposits only after she filed divorce.

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This couple lived a poor and simple life for 3 decades, only buying their daily necessities and never think of purchasing any expensive goods. Instead of living a luxurious life, they decided to spend wisely on the things they only need and not daring to glance at any luxurious things. Little did the wife know that in return for living in poverty are 15 units of luxury homes and large deposits.

Joanne, a 63-year-old woman living on the Gold Coast, Australia has been married to her husband for over 3 decades. All these years, they live a simple and frugal life. Her husband is the “chief financial officer” of the family and because of that, he’s in charge of managing their finances. Joanne only receives a fixed amount for their weekly expenses.

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Every time Joanne wants to buy something for herself or for her their children, she can’t ask for money from her husband because he always thinks that it’s just a waste of money. He always said to Joanne:

“There’s no money, nor are there any assets we have. So the cost of our living weekly should be tightly controlled.”

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This made Joanne worried about their financial expenses and strongly believed in what her husband said. She didn’t also think to asked to see her husband’s bank account and husband’s savings account.

But one day, her husband keeps his distance from her and started to get rude. This prompted Joanne to think that her husband might have an affair with another woman. This made Joanne decide to divorce him.

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So Joanne hired a lawyer to handle the divorce case. To her surprise, her lawyer said: “You have a huge asset and 15 housing units at a very high price and a large number of deposits.”

She was totally shocked at her lawyer’s statement, and for a moment could not digest the news after more than 3 decades of living in poverty.

“We have absolutely no shortage of money, and I feel cheated by it. I do not dare believe that I could live such an extreme life for more than 30 years, “Joanne said

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Later, Joanne listened to her lawyer’s advice and to win the custody of her children, she needs to be financially stable. She decided to go to court with her husband and finally managed to get half of the assets and luxury homes.

After the divorce, the first thing she wanted to do is to color her hair white hair with black dye and start a new life in comfort after suffering poverty for 3 decades.

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