Inspiring Photo Of A Hard Working Mother Selling In The Midst Of Heavy Rain, Went Viral On Social Media!

Many were complaining about low-paying jobs and some were demanding for an increase in the government. But while people were whining about it, this particular mother bravely faced the scorching heat and extreme weather to earn enough money for her family.

Being a parent is not an easy job as some may suppose to. Mothers, in particular, are pillars of a home and they are more than willing to sacrifice everything, even their happiness just to give their children a safe and healthy kind of living. Considering the future of their children and the condition of the nation, parents decide to be away and work abroad to provide for their loved ones back home. Despite what parents do, there are still children who are ungrateful and doesn’t acknowledge it.

On the other hand, moms should be at home, preparing food for her family, washing clothes, taking care of their children. Mom’s are considered to be our today’s heroes.

One social media user named Kenzo Sytangco shared a photo of a hardworking mother who sells in the midst of the extreme weather and what she saw made her realize his own mom’s worth.

Many children today are good at complaining, without realizing the worth of their mothers who have been working all day.

Many netizens expressed their sympathy and concern about the woman’s health after being exposed to extreme weather. She might be so brave and patient waiting for customers under this extreme weather. Though she barely makes enough to make ends meet (looking at the number of her products), this mom is definitely doing everything she can.

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