Funny Video Of A Kid Trying To Eat Fried Chicken Displayed On A Tarpaulin Advertisement, Viral On Social Media!

This kid tries to eat the fried chicken displayed on tarpaulin advertisement, went viral on social media!

A cute kid was spotted in an establishment and now making rounds on the web as he captured the attention of the Filipino social media users. Aside from his cuteness, many can’t hold themselves but laugh so hard.

One social media user named Yna Devera posted a video that shows a chubby kid looking closely at the tarpaulin advertisement made to promote a fried chicken of a famous Filipino fast food restaurant.

Then, the cute kid surprisingly tried to grab the chicken displayed and ate it. The kid tried to get the chicken three times but failed. It seems like the chubby kid really loves the fried chicken and been dreaming about it.

As expected, many netizens laughed and were entertained by the video uploaded by Davera and tried to urge the fast food chain who owned the advertisement to reach the kid and to give him some fried chicken.

As of writing, the video already garnered 300,000 views from the netizens. Many said that the action of the kid was adorable and cute.

The restaurant that serving the fried chicken is also not yet releasing a statement if they’re going to give some free food to the kid. Hopefully, there will be people who will reach him and give him the fried chicken he is dreaming for.

You can watch the video below:

Amay natnarasan kalan maong et anggapoy kwartam😭😂

Posted by Yna T Devera on Monday, June 4, 2018

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