Bus Driver Left The Lady He Hit But He Never Expected That Karma Will Come Like This!



This bus driver left the lady he hit and was surprised that karma will charge him like this.

SM North is the route this airconditioned bus driver named Richard was taking regularly. He started to pick up passengers as early as 4 am and back home by 8 pm every night.

But one fateful night, while on his way back to the bus station, he dropped off his conductor on one of their offices to remit earnings they made that day. Because he was tired and want to go home badly, he speeded up. But while he’s near Sta. Cruz, he feels sleepy and accidentally runs over a lady riding a bicycle.

Because of fear and shocked, Richard didn’t know what to do. So instead of going down the bus and checked the lady he runs over, he speeded up to escape. He was prompted to leave his victim because of thoughts that he has no money to pay for the possible hospital bills. Also, he fears to be imprisoned because he still have children going to school and his eldest is a 3rd-year college student.

He decided to stay at the park before going home to calm himself because he’s shaking and almost losing his breath. He didn’t text or call his wife because he left his phone on the bus and went home after 2 hours. When he finally arrived home, his son Jonathan said:

“Tay! si ate Jonalyn nasa ospital!”

They rushed to the hospital and there, he saw his wife looking afar in the hospital while she was hugged by her cousin Linda.

“Kuya, wala na si Jonalyn,” said Linda.

“Hayop siya!” shout by Richard’s wife.


Linda explained: “Kuya, sosorpresahin ka sana ni Jona kaya nag-bike papuntang bus station, sasabayan ka raw niya pag uwi mo. Nabundol siya, at tinakbuhan ng driver.Ilang oras siyang nakahandusay at doon na binawian ng buhay dahil walang ibang nakakita.”

“May dumaan na vendor ng candy at ito ang humingi ng tulong pero wala na, malamig na ang katawan ni Jona. Hindi na namin alam kung sino ang driver.”

Richard knows who was the driver and this causes his world to be devastated.

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