Woman Ignores Someone At The Door But Was Stunned After She Sees What He Left At The Door.



The news nowadays is filled with nothing but negative headlines that makes people afraid. Well, it is understandable if someone ignores when to open a door when a stranger rang the doorbell, right?

An 18-year-old Tyler Opdyke from Sacramento in California was helping his uncle’s pest-control business, Strike Zone Pest Control. He incidentally saw a wallet on someone’s driveway in the neighborhood. He picked it up and rang the doorbell of that house.

When no one answered, he just waved at the surveillance camera before leaving the wallet on the front door and left.

Melissa Vang, the owner of the house was actually at home and had seen Opdyke ringing the doorbell.

Opdyke recalled:

“I was knocking on the door for a minute or two. I actually heard her little girls…and was wondering why is nobody answering?”

“I’m like how can I find some way to let them know that I have this [wallet]. I was like ‘perfect, here’s a camera right there.’”

Because she didn’t recognize him, Vang only opened the door after Opdyke had left. Then, she noticed her husband’s wallet, containing credit cards and $1,500 in cash.

“I was like, ‘that’s my husband’s wallet!’” said Vang. “When I checked the video, he had walked away already.”

Later, the 18-year-old boy returned to the house to check if the wallet was safely in the rightful owner’s hands. That’s when Vang opened the door this time. Vang also explained that the cash was from her family members for an upcoming event they were planning.

“It touched my heart for him to return this much cash.”

Vang rewarded Opdyke and later posted Opdyke’s act of kindness on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page. She wrote:

“It’s sad that I didn’t trust him to open my door when he was just doing a good deed. Sadly, this is the world we live in today. We hear so many terrible news and barely any good. I think we all need to be reminded that there are still good people out there. His act of kindness cannot go unrecognized”


Opdyke, on the other hand, told Elk Grove Laguna News what he was thinking when he saw the wallet. He said:

“I saw a wallet and cash on the out side and then I thought to my self ‘if I was this person that dropped his wallet what would I want the other person to do’ essentially the golden rule.”

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