She Was Dubbed As “Bobo” and “Ambisyosa”. Finished Three Course At The Same Time In 5 Years!



Recently, a story of a woman earned respect and recognition from the netizens after enduring challenges in her life. She was unfairly judged by people around her, calling her names that could possibly affect her as a person.

Source: Sedcasm

The common college degree completion is within 4 years and completing a master’s or doctorate degree could take another 9 years that is basically unwanted but most of us. who is not a fan of schooling. However, there are factors that could stop you from having the diploma.

However, there is no deadline in life or a specific time for you to finish something. There are just people who tend to throw judgments on people who couldn’t finish their course on time.

This lady proved that all their mocking words of “bobo” and “ambisyosa” are indeed wrong.

Source: Sedcasm

Wynona Pauline Catapang, a woman who is one of those who is underestimated and bullied after people learned that she’s into her fifth year in college. People started calling her names such as “bobo” [dull-minded] and “ambisyosa” [negative form of ambitious] by people around her.

Without any idea at all, the woman who they unfairly judge and backstabbed spend 5 years in college because she’s actually taking 3 courses simultaneously! You heard it right!

On her lengthy post on Facebook, she shared the story of her 5-year college triple degree program.

She also admitted that there comes a time where she wanted to give up but she held it all together and was able to taste the fruit of her sacrifices.

Guess what course did she finish:

* Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication minor in Development Communication
* Bachelor of Science in Psychology
* Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Counseling

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