Meet These Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Used To Be Fat And Now Became A Fitspirations To Many!



You might have no idea how your favorite celebrities look like before they became famous.

There are some famous celebrities who are fat before who decided to change and became an inspiration for a healthy and fit body today. The Philippine showbiz industry has many celebrities that have been considered as ‘fitspirations’ to their fans and followers because of their amazing transformation.

If you think that they’re already fit before they started showbiz, you are wrong. Some of them came from a period of their lives when they can be considered as overweight or fat. But because they managed to change their lifestyle, they have now a figure everyone dreamed to have.

1. Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff is the “fat kid inside” who concerned about his weight condition before. In fact, his weight reached up to 250 pounds before he decided to lose. Girls can’t hold back themselves but drool.

2. Georgina Wilson

Georgina Wilson is one of the ‘It Girl’ in the Philippine showbiz industry because of her elegance, figure, and beauty she possesses. But did you know that before she became popular, she was a fat girl? Georgina was fat when she was growing up but look at her now!

“There is no shortcut, eat healthy food, and work out a lot.”

3. Iza Calzado

Who may think that Iza Calzado is a fat lady before? Her bikini photos will surely disagree on that. But you heard it right! Iza’s weight reached up to 220 pounds and that’s the reason why she gets bullied. But when she becomes a teenager, she decided to eliminate her extra weight.

4. Raymond Gutierrez

No doubt why Raymond Gutierrez is considered as one of the male fitspirations in the Philippine showbiz industry. He was determined to become fit and now, he achieved his ideal weight.

5. Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos admitted that the reason why she gets fat before is that she continues eating though she is already full. But at the age of 13, Rhian decided to observe a healthy diet. Look at her now! It’s all been paid off.

6. Solenn Heussaff

Who would have thought that like his brother Erwan, Solenn is also a fat girl before? When she was younger, Solenn shared that people used to call her “Free Willy” as a comparison of her weight to a whale. But now, she’s one of the ‘It Girl’ in the Philippine showbiz industry.

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