Woman Was Dismayed On Her Boyfriend’s Gift. Seven Years Later, She Was Surprised With Its Value!



Andrew was handsome, tall, and smart. That’s the reasons why Carly is so proud of him. They’ve been in a relationship for almost a year and they met at their office in Makati. Though Andrew is just a simple office staff, Carly saw his determination. On their first anniversary, Andrew brings Carly in a not so expensive but decent restaurant.

Andrew said, “Happy anniversary honey ..” while carrying a box fits into a whole palm of the girl. When Carly hold it, it was heavy for her and she almost let go of it.

“Happy anniversary.. pero ano naman kaya ‘to?” said Carly while smiling.

“Buksan mo,” said Andrew while staring at her.

Carly opened the gift and to her surprise, she saw a stone.

“B-bato,” said Carly while holding the heavy stone.

“Oo, kasi si Darna ka!” Andrew replied while laughing loudly.

But he quickly stopped laughing when he saw that her girlfriend’s face turned to frown.

The night ended but Carly is still confused. She doesn’t want their day to be ruined and her anger to stay longer. Andrew is sometimes weird and when he gives that kind of present, Carly should take care of it instead. What matters most is that it comes from Andrew.

Six years had passed and both of them were successful with their careers, especially Andrew. On their seventh anniversary, Andrew asked Carly to eat outside the restaurant where they eat before, even if he can afford to pay an expensive restaurant. He even asked Carly if she kept the stone he gave.

The woman took the stone to the restaurant, though confused, followed his request. That’s her most precious gift to her boyfriend for their anniversary.

Carly came to the restaurant first. While sitting on the table, the waiter immediately went to her and hand her a piece of paper, which came from Andrew.

“Carls, Noon pa man ay alam kong ikaw na talaga ang gusto kong makasama habambuhay. Hindi mo ako iniwan kahit na noon ay softdrinks at sandwich lang ang kaya kong
ilibre sayo, nagsilbi kang kakampi, kaaway, tagasuporta, minsan ay nanay sa akin. Mahal kita, happy 7th anniversary!”

She folded the paper and wiped on the tears that about to fall. That’s when Andrew came to her who just stared at her all along. And it seems like he’s hiding something behind him.

“Para sayo..” said Andrew in a small voice.

She was about to thank Andrew but after seeing what he is holding, she was interrupted.

“Pinagtitripan mo ba ko?” asked Carly.

He picked the stone and handed Carly the hammer.

Andrew told her to hit the stone saying, “Pukpukin mo.”

Carly replied, “Sino, ikaw?”.

“Dali na,” said Andrew again.

Then Carly hit the stone and it seems like she put her anger into it. She only stops when she finally breaks it. He opened the small box and there was a ring inside with an engravement, ‘Marry Me.’

“Noon pa man, pitong taon na ang nakalipas, alam kong ikaw na.”

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