They Were Excited To Caught A Huge Lobster But Immediately Release It To The Sea When They Realize Something Strange.



Lobster is considered as one of the most expensive dishes on the menu to any restaurant. The fact that lobster farming is fairly difficult and this crustacean grows at a very slow rate that makes it price hight.

This ship’s crew managed to catch a giant lobster and everyone was so excited except for the captain.

The captain was the one in charge to check every lobster and as he checked, he found out that there was one lobster not good to be consumed. The reason is that the lobster was actually a female and catching female lobsters would go against his principle as he believes that it is better for female lobsters to be released back into the ocean so that the species remains sustainable

According to the captain, this will ensure that lobsters will not become endangered and more people can enjoy eating lobsters in the future. He added that his small initiative was for the best interest of the lobster fishing industry. If the species become endangered in the next few years due to overconsumption, the industry will hit rock bottom and the fishers will be out of their job.

It is certainly hard to find someone with a vision like a captain in these modern days. When most people do not care for others for the sake of profit, this captain shows otherwise. But, did you wonder how the captain managed to tell whether the lobster was a female or a male? Here is how you can tell their gender.

According to Good Times, three characteristics that you can use to differentiate between a male and a female lobsters

1. Size of tail

Female and male rock lobster tails

Female lobsters have wider tails compared to males which they use to store their eggs

2. Size of swimmerets

Lobsters, like any other crustaceans, have swimmerets attached to their body which are located underneath their tails. These swimmerets help them to swim and it also gives the clue about the gender of the lobster. Female lobsters have wider swimmerets than male lobsters.

3. Physical characteristics of their swimmerets

Female lobsters have thin, feathery and soft swimmerets compared to males.

How long does it take for a lobster to mature?

A female lobster can carry up to 10,000 eggs at one time and the eggs are stored underneath her tails. It takes a year for the eggs to hatch and usually, only 1% of the eggs will survive to grow as adults.

Lobsters grow by shedding their old shells into a new one. After they shed their old shells, lobsters will hide in the mud until their new shells have hardened. It is estimated for a lobster to undergo this process for seven times before they grow as mature lobsters. The whole process can take up to 7 or 8 years before a lobster can be caught.

There is also an instrument that ship crews can use to measure whether or not a lobster has matured.

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