Student Finds A Homeless Man Outside The Building And Feeds Him, Melts The Heart Of Everyone!

This schoolgirl finds a homeless man outside the building and did him a kind act.

Kindness is what the world needs today. I know that we are all aware of what’s truly happening in the world as it is broadcasted through television, radio or the internet. The culprit? It is lack of love and more of ourselves.

Nowadays, people are becoming greedy and cruel. There are many reasons to consider why people are becoming like this. It’s cliche but, the change should start with us, not tomorrow but today.

If you think that good-natured people are already gone and don’t exist anymore, you may think twice.

Recently, a short clip of a schoolgirl went viral on social media and caught the attention of everyone. On the video, the lady was seen feeding a homeless man on the side of the building. The 37-second video shows a man wearing a worn out shirt sitting on the side of a building and is fed by an unidentified girl who is wearing a school uniform.

How touching the moment is where we see a young kind girl who feeds a homeless man and stayed on his side to feed him. And the fact that she’s young, this makes us realize that kindness doesn’t depend on age, on educational attainment, looks or whatsoever. It is a product of a good heart.

Though we didn’t see the reaction of the homeless man, we are sure that he’s surprised and grateful for what the schoolgirl did to him.

Kind and good-natured people still exist on earth and it’s not too late to show some ounce of it. Let’s make a better world!

Watch the video below:

Posted by Joshua Aquiler on Monday, February 5, 2018

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