This Poor Father Invited His Son To ‘Steal Vegetables’ In The Neighboorhood’s Garden. But The Words Of The Innocent Child Changed His Life Forever!

In a village, there is a poor family that survives in stealing vegetables in the neighbor’s garden. One night, the father took his 7-year-old son to sneak into his neighbor’s vegetable garden. He was after the radish vegetables but when he pulled out some of it, his innocent son whispered:

“Hey, dad, it looks like someone is watching father!”

His father was surprised and started to look around in tension. His father said:

“Ah, right? where is it? where ..? “.

Then the boy pointed to the sky and said: “Daddy! Look, is not the Moon staring at Daddy? ”

His son’s words quickly startled the father. His mood becomes raging but he also felt sorry and sad, and also make him happy. Then they finally went home, holding the hand of his son.

Along the way, he kept thinking:

“Stealing is a bad deed. Probably God who made me repent through the child’s intermediary, that I may repair myself to the right path! ”

Little did they know, they were overseen by the owner of the garden. When the owner saw the shadow of a person, he wanted to shout a thief but he heard the child’s words, and for a moment he stood staring at the moon.

Thanks to the light of the moon, the owner of the garden saw the thief’s face and knew the thief was a poor family living in need. Then the owner told his wife what he saw and the wife said:

“Is not the moon also watching you?”

Because he can’t close his eyes all night, the owner went to the thief’s house the next day and said:

“I need labor, do you want to work? In addition to wages, it can also bring home some vegetables in the garden. ”

They got an offer to earn extra money from the owner and the poor father quickly accepted it.

That same night, the father is holding his son’s hand while staring at the moon. The boy said;

“Daddy, look, the moon is smiling!”

At the same time, the owner of the garden is also staring at the moon from his home and saying to his wife:

“It has never seen the moon always watching us, seeing others and also looking at me, watching what others are doing and seeing how my reaction …”

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