Motorist Inspired Everyone With His Gesture After Being Involved In An Accident And Teaches Everyone A Lesson!

Showing a little kindness and compassion to people without expecting something in return is what the world needs today. Just like this kind-hearted motorist Mikkie Belen taught us a lesson or two about compassion when he got into a fender bender.

According to Pinoy Scoop, Mikkie was driving when he was suddenly hit by a taxi driver. The incident causes a little damage to his vehicle and the driver was trying to convince everyone that it was his fault.

Mikkie got very angry and asked traffic enforces to bring this up with the police. The police seemed to realize that its the taxi driver’s fault all along and the proud taxi diver immediately change his tone.

When filing a police report, Mikkie didn’t realize that the parties involved should shell out PHP 200. The source also stated that the taxi driver tried to gain his sympathy when he said that he was down to his last PHP 500. But since he was angry, Mikkie refused and said that he would call the taxi company to shoulder the expense.

When the kind-hearted motorist found out that everything was going to be taken from the driver’s salary, everything changes.

“Medyo naawa ako kay manong. But still yung pride ko and init ng ulo nangibabaw. But then how could I take this hard working man’s money.”

Mikkie told everyone to understand the taxi driver’s situation though we always need to fight for what’s right. Especially, when people are very sorry for what they did and genuinely remorseful for their actions.

“If you know me well, you know how I love my cars; but this time I’m willing to drive around with a scratched car until I can save to have it fixed rather than taking this man’s money not knowing how much hard time it could cause him.”

“As my dad always say [sic], we don’t need to have much, just enough to sustain ourselves and to help others kahit konti.”

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Typing this with teary eyes.Today, I appreciated my blessings more. Kanina, normal day, usual traffic. All of a sudden…

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