Viral Photos Of A Father Carrying His Daughter While Making A Demo And Selling Mobile Phones!

This father was seen carrying his daughter while making a demo and selling mobile phones in the mall.

Being a parent wasn’t always easy and smooth sailing. There are continuous tests and struggles they face just to provide a good and healthy home. For some, it is a challenge to apply for a stable livelihood that’s why they managed to stay in a low-paying job and some apply abroad.

There are also incidents wherein they bring their children to their respective jobs and managed to juggle their tasks and taking care of their kids. This is likely the story of a father from the Philippines seen carrying his daughter while working.

In the photos shared by a Facebook user named Beh Lahh Dela Torre, Erickson was seen in the photos carrying his daughter and doing a demo of a mobile phone. According to the netizen, he even sold five units of OPPO mobile phones despite the fact that he was accompanied by his daughter. How amazing is that?

According to The Daily Feed, Erickson’s wife is also on duty at her work, and there is no one who can look after their daughter that day. Most of the times, their closed loved ones were attending their daughter.

As expected, his story went viral on social media and netizens were amazed at how dedicated he is both on work and to his family. Many netizens were inspired by Erickson and ended up praising him.

Salute to your determination and dedication both for your family and work. You’re one of those people who should be a role model, especially to the younger generation when it comes to the dedication to work and love for the family.

As of writing, the said post garnered 1k mixed reactions, 551 shares and 110 comments.

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