81-Year-Old Flight Attendant Still In Active Service After Working For Over 6 Decades In The Industry.

This 81-year-old flight attendant is still in active service and shows no slowdown after working for 60 years in the industry.

Bette Nash, 81 years old and turned 82 this New Year’s Eve s believed to be the oldest flight attendant still in active service today. Despite being in the industry for over 60 which is the equivalent retirement age, she does not show any signs of slowing down at all.

Photo credit: Bette Nash / CNN

According to Buzz Flare, Bette shared to the reporters that she wanted to be a flight attendant, which is formerly called flight stewardess, the moment she took her first plane flight with her mom when she was 16 years old.

“The pilot and the flight attendant walked across the hall and I thought ‘oh my God,’ and I said that was for me,” she recalled.

At the age of 21, she went to college before joining the so-called ‘Charm School’ to become a flight attendant.

Photo credit: Bette Nash / CNN

In November 2017, Bette began working for the now-defunct Eastern Airlines, a job that was both glamorous and physically demanding. At that time, passengers were served with full meals so flight attendants need to carry heavy serving trays to provide them food.

According to Bette, first-class passengers get to enjoy lobster and duck a l’orange served in porcelain dishes and silverware. In the first years of her career, flight schedules were still listed on a chalkboard while today, flight attendants check their schedules on tablets. She also admitted that it came as a bit of a struggle for her for she’s not tech-savvy.

Photo credit: Bette Nash / CNN

She also recalled how uniforms and hairstyle have changed over the years as they wore conservative outfits but uniforms changed with the trends. Back in the 70s, they used to wear skimpy hot pants and go-go boots with their ‘big hair’.

She’s been on American Airlines’ Washington-Boston-Washington route that many of the regular passengers have become her friends for years now.

Photo credit: CGTN

Some might consider her as agile compared to other flight attendants but she’s still a favorite and gets priority on the flight due to her unquestioned seniority.

Bette admitted that she doesn’t want to work until she’s 90 but she still doesn’t want to think about retirement soon.

What can you say about her? Would you be like her when you get old? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Watch her video below:

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