Rich Fil-Am Guy Left Comfortable Life In The US To Stay In The Philippines, And Doesn’t Mind His Job As A Security Guard.

This rich Fil-Am guy left his rich and comfortable life back in the US to stay in the Philippines.

Chase Marcum III, a Fil-Am guy who doesn’t mind his job as a security guard in Parañaque to support his family. Initially, you might be thinking that he’s just dressing up or perhaps a foreigner who has no luck back in his home country. Chase is here for good and was actually living a rich life in the US.

According to Definitely Filipino Buzz, he’s living a good life in Sta. Rosa, California where he graduated with a degree in Anthropology. Chase earned around $2,000 to $3,000 (Php100,000 to Php150,000) on his business, he also had a house and a car there.

Until one day, Chase traveled to the Philippines for vacation and everything was changed. He was amazed and stunned by the beauty of the country and felt that his 3-week vacation wasn’t enough. He wanted to live in the country.

“Dalawa o tatlong linggo doon ako sa Boracay kasama tatay ko. Sobrang maganda ang lugar dun. White sand, sobrang clear ang tubig. Maraming fresh na seafoods.”

Chase is staying here in the Philippines for years now and working as a security guard in Parañaque to support his Filipina GF Jeremae Silvano and their son.

When asked how did he become a security guard, he answered:

“Yung OIC namin dati tinanong n’ya ako kung gusto ko guwardiya trabaho kasi kulang sila. ‘Talaga?’ Sasabihin ko, ‘Sige’.”

Of course, his choice sounds strange at first because he could have chosen to work in a call center or some other high-paying job yet he never felt happier with his life now. He also believes the job is important as he’s protecting his ‘kababayans’.

“Maraming tao hindi intindi bakit ako dito kasi may business, may bahay, may magandang kotse. Pero wala akong paki sa pera, wala akong paki sa gamit, sa kotse. Inisip ko mas importante masaya.”

Watch the video below:

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