26-Year-Old Millionaire Is Looking For A Personal Assistant To Travel The World With And Would Pay $50,000.

Meet Matthew Lepre, the 26-year-old millionaire who is looking for a personal assistant to travel the world with and is willing to pay $50,000. The hot millionaire travel the world to give educational talks on growing and expand his e-commerce business and coaching business companies.

Hailing from Sydney, he announced last March 19 on YouTube that he is looking for candidates to sign up for what seems like the “coolest job in the world”. He explained that the personal assistant will “travel the globe, work personally with him”, with all expense paid that includes accommodation and insurance benefits paid by his company.

The annual base salary of the chosen personal assistant will be AUD52,000 (around S$50,000). Just to inform the aspiring applicants, there are several requirements you must possess before applying.

Some of which is having the ability to multi-task, arrange travel itineraries, have proficient knowledge in social media channels, be meticulous and possess tenacity as well as carry a passport that is valid for at least 12 months.

“It’s crazy, everything I ever visualised is coming to reality. The lifestyle, the business, the ability to give back and inspire people to reach their goals,” Lepre said on Instagram.

“Literally 3 years ago, I made the decision that I wasn’t going to be another number in the system that our generation is brought up in. I dropped out of University and was left with a 40k student debt.”

“My point is, that a lot can happen in a few years. Don’t judge yourself for where you’re at or where you’ve been. Only where you’re going!”

“And yea, ask more from life because seriously… you can manifest anything you want if you become clear on your dreams and match this with a ridiculous work ethic.〰️Dream (and eat) bigger. ��”

The once a dropout and AUD40,000 in debt due to student loan, Lepre is now a boss of four online businesses and brought him to cities all around the world such as Japan, Dubai and Hawaii.

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