An Armless Pinay Became The First Armless Person To Be A Certified Pilot

Now a certified pilot, Jessica Cox, an armless Filipina continues to inspire many people. Her dream of becoming a Superwoman has now come to life. She is hailed as the real-life Superwoman for being able to do things despite lack of physical attributions. 

A Real-life Superwoman 

A rare congenital disability struck the Filipino-American achiever. As such, she gets being bullied in school where kids her age call her with different hurtful names. She then became an angry kid and caused her to have low-self esteem. This made her isolate herself from the rest where she was able to build her dream of being a superwoman. A hero that fly people to the sky to see the clouds. 

Living a Normal Life

Jessica’s parents (American father and Filipina mother) tried to provide her with prosthetic arms since she was 3.

She dislikes using it, so she permanently removes it when she was in 8th grade. By that, Cox taught her legs and feet to compensate for her lack of hands and arms.

First Guinness Record 

To build her confidence, Jessica’s parents enrolled her to a martial arts class where she became a double black belter in Taekwondo. The fate does not stop there to sprinkle her life with goodness, Jessica became the first Guinness person to receive a black belt from Americal Taekwondo Association. 

A Certified Pilot

Despite lots of achievements, Cox focused on achieving her longest dream- to become a pilot, and she did! She is now officially a pilot.

Jessica became the first armless person to become a pilot in aviation history. This earns her second Guinness World record. 

Indeed A Jack of all Trades 

Cox is not just a black belter in Taekwondo and a certified pilot. She is also a swimmer, dancer, gymnast, diver and a surfer.

Our 36-year old achiever is also a motivational speaker who conducts speeches around the world to lift disabled people and share her wonderful story. 

Jessica’s story is inspiring, isn’t it? Share us your thoughts in the comment section!

Source: The Summit Express

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