Responsible Dog Returns The Bowl After Eating And Helps In Washing It.

This responsible dog returns the bowl after eating and helps in washing it.

More than just being a man’s best friend, dogs are helping hands and responsible companions too. Pooches are not limited on being a good friend you can tame, they can do more than just shaking hands or roll over, they are also responsible and grateful. With that in mind, this in Tianjin, China demonstrates how responsible dogs are.

We know that dogs are loyal and grateful to people who help and feed them. They show their thankfulness in so many ways and this particular stray dog thanked the person who feeds him by helping out after meal times.

This dog is a stray dog which is fed by a local animal rescue organization. After its meal, it carries the bowl in its mouth and walks back to where the meal was served. But this time, the pup doesn’t want a second bowl but to help.

The dog goes straight to the kitchen and places the bowl in front of the cleaning lady so she doesn’t have to walk to pick the food bowl up herself. This may be a small or unnoticed gesture but this shows how grateful the dog is. By doing so, he lightens the cleaner’s job even in a small way. The dog never fails to bring its bowl to the kitchen every after a meal.

Some pet owners also posted the videos of their dogs doing the same thing. Dogs are not just mere animals, they are like humans.

Watch the video below:

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