FEU Student Helped And Dined With An Old Woman Inside Jollibee.

This FEU student helped and dines with an old woman inside Jollibee.

No act of kindness, small or big, is ever wasted nor forgotten. More than making us feel good with ourselves, kindness is a life-changing act. We may not know it but it brings change to the person who does it and to the person being helped. It’s a win-win situation and no one could be wrong in doing kindness, whether they deserve it or not.

One kind and a generous student recently went viral on social media after helping and dining with a homeless woman inside a famous fast-food restaurant. The Facebook user named Ej Capuno captured and posted the photo of the FEU student and the homeless elderly on social media.

“This is worthy to post. Nung paalis na kami sa Jollibee, tinuro ng tropa ko yung babaeng taga -FEU na may kasalong matanda sa loob ng Jollibee. Sabi niya “Uy, EJ, picturan mo” and then I hurriedly get my phone and took a snap of her act. Kudos to her parents who taught her na magkaroon ng concern sa kapwa. Nawa’y marami pang estyudante ang gumawa nito. Kudos Ate ❤️”

Capuno said that he and his friends were on their way out of Jollibee when they saw the girl. He then took a photo and shared it on social media. The post immediately went viral and the FEU student was identified as Hershey Saclin. The post earned 35K reactions, 386 comments, and 9.7K shares.

Her mom, Theodore Einn Nuevo Saclin, even shared the photo and expressed how proud she is to her daughter.

“anak ko po yong estudyante n yan…c Hershey Saclin from FEU manila…proud mama here!😍😘love you anak ko..”

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