Retiring Staff Chose 3 Pieces Of Advice Instead Of 20 Years Worth Of Salary From His Boss.

This retiring staff chose 3 pieces of advice instead of 20 years worth of salary from his boss.

After working for two decades, one man decided to retire and return to his hometown. When he is about to leave, his boss made him choose either 3 pieces of advice or 20 years worth of salary.

“Do you want 20 years worth of salary or three words of advice?” his boss asked.

“Can I give you the answer tomorrow before I leave?” he replied.

All throughout the night, he just tossed around his bed. The next morning, he went to see his boss and chose the three pieces of advice. Then his boss said:

“First, don’t try to find shortcuts to success. So many people are often too eager to achieve a success that they try to find shortcuts to come across their way. In reality, shortcuts will always lead you to disappointment,” the boss said to the man.

“Second, don’t be curious over something that you know will not benefit you,” he continued.

“Third, don’t make any impulsive decisions. Always take your time to think through. Otherwise, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

He then gave the man three loaves of bread of different sizes; small, medium and large.

“Remember, only eat the large loaf of bread when you have safely arrived at your home.”

While on his journey back to his hometown, the man then ate the small loaf of bread. On his way, he came across a junction so he asked two locals who happened to pass by.

Person A said, “Take the shorter road. You will arrive in your hometown in no time.”

Person B said, “Take the longer road. It’s safer.”

The man decided to take the shorter road. He didn’t see his wife for a very long time and was so excited to meet her at last. But when he realized what his boss said, he later decided to take the longer route. He also heard a passer-by saying that a man was mugged while taking the shorter way.

He continued his journey and ate another loaf of bread. It was getting dark so he decided to stay in an inn for the night. When he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly heard a woman crying and curious, he takes a look. But he suddenly remembered was his boss told him. So he went to sleep instead.

“Don’t be curious over something that you know will not benefit you.”

Next morning, the owner of the inn said, “I didn’t know that someone survived! Didn’t you hear that a woman went insane last night and k*lled everyone she saw?”

He was the only one who survived the incident.

The man continued his journey and when he finally arrived at his home, he heard the voice of a grown-up man inside. He was angry so he took the hatchet he saw near the door. When he was prepared to barge the house and harm the man inside, he remembered his boss’ third advice.

“Don’t make any impulsive decisions.”

When he knocked, his wife opened the door and was so happy to see him. He then asked his wife saying, “Who is the man that I heard his voice just now?”.

“That’s our son. He’s all grown up now and he looks just like you,” his wife answered.

It was the first time he saw his son and was so happy to be reunited with his family after a long time. Then they eat the last loaf of bread he brought. But when he cut the loaf, he was shocked after seeing an envelope inside. The envelope contained 20 years worth of salary.

He then realized that if he didn’t listen to his boss, he’ll probably be lost the money or ended up in the worst scenario.

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