Young Woman Took The Physician Board Exams While In Active Labor.

This young woman took the Physician Board Exams while in active labor.

For pregnant mothers, the health and safety of the baby is their utmost concern. They’re very particular of what they eat, what they do, and anything that would harm the baby, even the slightest, is a big no-no. But a particular young woman recently went viral on social media after she takes the physician board exams while in active labor.

She is identified as Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan, a medical student who was advised to take a bed rest due to having a difficult pregnancy. However, she doesn’t want to take a long rest because she has a lot of things to finish to complete her medical degree and become a licensed doctor.

A week before taking the Physician Licensure Exams, Sibuyan was already 60% and 1-2 cm dilated when she visited her OB-Gyne. This means that she will give birth any time soon but she was confident that the baby would hold on for another week.

Two more days after the exam is done, she began spotting and started feeling like she was having menstrual cramps that made her anxious. At 2 AM on the last day of the exam, Sibuyan’s bag of water broke but decided not to tell anyone knowing that they will rush her to the hospital.

Because of her profession, she was able to monitor her child’s movements and heart tones inside her womb while she took the test. She completed the test in an hour before taking a break and still monitoring the baby’s condition.

She had a hard time in the second test as she was already having trouble shading the test paper due to the pain she was experiencing. She remained calm so that the proctor won’t realize she was already in active labor. She completed the test in 20 minutes and immediately left the room but she knew she wouldn’t make it to the hospital.

Thankfully, the testing center had a hospital and She was taken to the hospital where they learned that she was already fully dilated and very much ready to give birth. It was 3:15 PM when she was taken to the delivery room and the baby was out by 3:28 PM.

Aside from welcoming her baby, she also passed the the difficult Physician licensure exams despite being in labor while she took the tests!


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