Scottish Photographer Captured The Happiest And Relaxed Bird In The World.

This Scottish photographer captured the happiest and relaxed bird in the world.

Scottish photographer named Karen Munro accidentally captures a photo of a relaxed Fulmar bird flying. She snapped the photo of this adorable bird while a wildlife cruise around Stroma island, on Scotland’s coast.

Fulmar bird is a gull-like seabird with grey and white color. It flies low over the waves of the open ocean on stiff wings. Fulmars eat almost anything but their natural foods are small fish, squid, and crustaceans. They defend their nests from intruders by spitting out a foul-smelling oil.

Karen only realizes that she took the photo until a while later. She was amused after seeing the photo in her camera roll. She couldn’t believe she snapped the perfect photo because the weather is bad that day. Karen told The Dodo:

“On arrival home I was going through my photos, most of which weren’t anything special as the light had been pretty poor that day. However I did have a laugh as soon as I saw this one, as the fulmar looks like he is smiling and having fun.”

The Fulmar bird seems like he doesn’t have a care in the world as he is seen so relaxed and happy. Karen shared and explained why she thinks the fulmar appears to be completely content with life.

“Fulmars will often glide alongside the boat, but this one had just lifted off the sea and was shaking itself to dry off whilst flying. It’s always great to capture something different. Over the last few days I have had many people commenting on the ‘Happy Bird Photo’ and how it made them smile,” she said.

The photo on her Instagram was flooded with comments from netizens who are loving the adorable bird. One commenter said it’s “an interesting way of flying”.

“I think it was actually shaking to dry itself off,” Karen replied.

I wish everyone could just be like this Fulmar bird, flying and living his life without any worries and just pure bliss and joy.

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