Brazilian Inventor Created A Water-Powered Motorcycle That Runs 300 Miles On A Single Liter Of Water.

This Brazilian inventor created a water-powered motorcycle that runs 300 miles per liter of water.

With his passion and a little bit of knowledge about motorcycles, one officer named Ricardo Azevedo from Sao Paolo, Brazil created a water-powered motorcycle. He created a motorcycle that runs by water he called “Motor Power H20″. This innovative invention came from his 1993 Honda NX 200.

On a single liter of water, this motorcycle runs for 300 miles. The motorcycle uses a car battery to produce electricity called electrolysis. The motorcycle can separate hydrogen from water molecules.

“This device breaks apart the water molecules transforming it into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen comes out in larger quantities and then I use this hydrogen to run the motorcycle engine,” Azevedo explained.

“The advantage of this motorcycle, which works with the hydrogen that comes from the water, is that the result that comes of the exhaust is water vapor,” he said.

“This is different from gasoline, the result of which is carbon monoxide.”

This invention will help reduce air pollution because it does not release carbon monoxide but water vapor instead, he said. The motorcycle can use any types of water, clean or unclean.

“To my surprise, the polluted water from the Tietê River worked as much as the clean water. So, now I use the polluted water as fuel in my motorcycle,” he explained

“I’ve made contact with the dealership and a qualified mechanic will conduct and assess the tests. I am also willing to explain and demonstrate the system for those who are interested,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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