Homeless Painter Transformed “Bangketa Home” Into A Free Art Gallery.

This homeless painter transformed “bangketa” into an art gallery.

Filipinos are naturally talented in all fields, no doubt why they’re making names even internationally. Whether in sports, art, singing, inventions, pageants, Filipinos are quite victorious and seems like they’re always destined to win.

Recently, one homeless painter went viral on social media after some netizens shared photos of his artwork in his “bangketa home” he turned into a free art gallery.

He is Tatay Edgardo Lam, a 65-year-old homeless painter living at a sidewalk in Ermita, Manila who has been a painter for about 20 years. One particular netizen named Matthew Gan discovered him when he visited the free art gallery. Some students even visited Tatay Edgardo and bring some art tools he can use for his paintings and art.

The 65-year-old homeless painter spends most of his time painting and creating different kinds of artworks. If he runs out of tools to use, he would just go to construction sites to ask for leftover paint and plywood from the workers. Some netizens also buy some of his works. Though he doesn’t earn a lot from this, Tatay Edgardo is still happy because he loves what he does.

According to Matthew, Tatay Edgardo gets his inspiration from the environment and his surroundings, using his imagination when he closes his eyes.

“He said that his ideas for some of the artworks come to him when his eyes are closed and sometimes he notices shapes and colors in his surroundings which inspire him to create a new artwork. Kuya Edgardo has personified the idea that art can come from anywhere and that art can be anything,” Matthew shared.

He also called the attention of the netizens if they could come by and buy some of his works as a way of supporting and helping him.

“If anyone wants to help, buy his artworks and give support to Kuya Edgardo, he stays at Padre Faura St. corner M.H Del Pilar. He would appreciate spare paints, brushes, and even small donations! He also enjoys talking about his artworks so if you want to drop by and just chat he’d appreciate it as well,” Matthew said.

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