Filipino Young Boy Covered The Mother Cat From Typhoon While Giving Birth.

This Filipino young boy covered the mother cat from typhoon while giving birth.

During the heavy downpour of typhoon Egay, the breakwater of Manila Bay crash by huge waves. However, this Filipino young boy wasn’t hindered by doing a little act of kindness to this stray cat.

Photojournalist Linus Escandor witnessed a touching scene while photographing the tumultuous bay as typhoon Egay roared through the Philippine capital. One Filipino young boy covered the mother cat from typhoon while giving birth. With a large plastic sheet, he covered the mother cat while giving birth.

Standing next to a breakwater, the boy who wore a blue tank top and yellow shorts held a plastic cover over a mother cat who was giving birth on the concrete barrier, making sure that she was covered from the rain.

When he spotted the mother cat going into labor, he takes initiative and fiercely shielded the mother cat with a plastic cover as she gave birth to her kittens. He didn’t mind soaking himself in the heavy rain. Later, the stray cat and her kittens were rescued by local welfare.

His genuine concern and kindness towards the cats spared them from possible danger. If he didn’t shield the mother cat, she would probably be freezing while doing the painful labor, not to mention his kittens.

Whoever this mystery boy is, he has restored our faith in humanity. This serves as a reminder that we should be kind not just in humans but also to animals.

Kudos to this kid!

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