Brazilian Artist Created Animal Beds Using Old Tires.

This Brazilian artist created animal beds using old tires.

Because of the huge amount of garbage collected every single day, many took initiative to create something useful and creative out from discarded yet recyclable rubbish. We have heard stories of people that created not just something beautiful out from garbage but also something useful and income-generating. With that being said, one Brazilian artist created animal beds using old tires.

He is Amarildo Silva, a Brazilian worker who spent one year and six months making beds for animals. He uses discarded old tires to create beautiful animal beds. In this way, he could help in reducing garbage and help animals.

He started his mission two years ago when he’s thinking for a business. Because he’s passionate about being creative, he wants to use it to the things people throw. In this way, he will not only help the environment but also help animals.

He collected old tires and stocked it in his garage to to fix. He tore off some parts of the wheel, washed and painted it. He also put designs on it to be pleasant to look at. What makes it more amazing it that he put unique designs and names of the animals on the beds.

For Amarildo, it’s a win-win because his creativity enables him to help the environment and animals and earn money at the same time. He will continue this passion and business because recycling helps the environment. For sure, he will come up with other things he could turn into something beautiful, useful, and income-generating.

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