Student Wore His Brother’s Oversize School Uniform So His Teacher Bought Him New Ones.

This is the heart of every teacher.

Life is becoming more difficult as the price of goods and services are increasing, the rate of unemployment is high, and other factors that contributes to the suffering of every citizen. For people who have tight pockets and budgeting, being resourceful is a way to ease financial struggles. Just like this student who wore his brother’s old, big uniform because his parents couldn’t afford to buy new ones.

Recently, one teacher became viral on social media after his pictures was posted showing him helping a young student who has a hard time with his school uniform.

The teacher was identified as Mohd Nasir Mohd Zain, a teacher in Sungai Petani, Malaysia. Zain has been noticing his Grade 3 student who has often had difficulty in school. One day, he approached him and noticed that his shoes and pants were too big. According to the child, the uniform passed on from his older brother who is now in grade 6 because his mom has no money to buy a new uniform for him.

The teacher was saddened by the story of his student so he informed their school principal that he will buy him new uniforms and shows. When the principal allowed teacher Zain, they went to Kepala Batas. a Department Store near their school.

They look for the uniform and shoes that are rightly fit for the young student. The boy is very happy with the simple things he received and since then, he does not have difficulty walking into school. According to Zain, he shared this story in social media to serve as a reminder and inspiration to all of us to help people who are in need around us even in the simplest ways we can.

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