Student Wrote A Touching Message For Her Parents On Her Yearbook Dedication

This student wrote a touching message for her parents on her YearBook Dedication.

Many students nowadays are more into complaining than doing good in school or just being grateful for the opportunity that they go to school, unlike others. They beef about school, a small allowance, traffic, and even their personal lives like love life. At their age, they feel like the world in on their shoulders and they get tired of it.

But recently, one student went viral on social media because of her inspiring message for his parents when she took her yearbook dedication.

She is Darlyn Descartin, a senior high school student of José Rizal University in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. On her yearbook dedication photo, she wrote a very touching message, acknowledging her parent’s hard work to provide for her studies.

”Hindi ko masabing nakakapagod mag-aral kasi alam kong mas pagod yung nagpapaaral sa akin. #ThankYouMama&Papa”.

Many of Darlyn’s friend and families congratulate her on her achievement. Many admired her for her determination in her studies and for also acknowledging her parent’s hard work and sacrifices. Her parent’s don’t even care about their difficulties and sacrifices to provide for her studies and achieve her dreams in the future.

Some netizens also said that her parents did a good job for raising her and hope that all students recognized their parent’s effort to send them to school. The month of graduation is still a little bit far but her story greatly inspired young people who feel discouraged and tired of their studies.

This is also a good reminder to young people and students to not give up in the fight of life because they’re not alone and their parents are one talk away who love them unconditionally.

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