Filipino Student Opened His Own “Honesty Store” To Earn Money Even He’s In Class.

This Filipino student opened his own “Honesty Store” to earn money even he’s still in class.

Life in the Philippines is very hard especially if you are a student who depends on no one but yourself. Since we were kids, we are taught how important education is and how could it revolutionize our lives the moment we finish it. However, to be able to complete it, you need money of course. But what if you have none and no one will help you?

We have heard stories of determined and inspiring students who juggled studies and job to be able to support themselves and hopefully finish it. Among those is a student from Davao who opened his own “Honesty Store” to earn money while he’s still in class.

Joenel Malanog is currently studying at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) in Davao City, Davao del Sur. He managed to focus on his studies while earning money because he’s not only providing for himself but also for his four siblings who go to school as well.

During his free time, he used to sell various food items around the campus. But because his schedule got busy, he could no longer spend a lot of time selling. He then thought of opening an “honesty store” inside the school campus.

The first-year entrepreneurship student placed his goods at an area with high foot traffic in the campus. He would leave the items with two notes: a Bible verse about sinning and informing them that he’s in class. Malanog’s “honesty store” offers food items like donuts, pork barbecue, ice candy, and lumpia.

The school’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Shirley Villanueva, was impressed by Malanog’s “honesty store”. Not only that, this initiative will prove that the students of the school could still be trusted and honestly pay for what they got when no one is watching.

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