9-Year-Old Student Invented A Washing Machine Without Using Electricity.

This 9-year-old student invented the washing machine without using electricity.

Washing machine became a common appliance found in every home. Unlike before, people are becoming more dependent on machines to do their jobs for them and it’s not wrong. The primary purpose of technology is to make people’s lives easy and efficient, and it’s not a mistake to purchase one.

We know that these appliances was all powered by electricity and as the years passed, technology requires increasing energy to power it all. But a student from India recently made headlines on social media after inventing the washing machine that does not need to rely on electricity to operate.

According to the International Energy Agency, with an estimate of about 240 homes, electricity remains a huge concern for underprivileged people in India.

Darshan Kolhe, a Grade 8 student from Govt LBS Boys Middle School, Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh, was able to make a washing machine with a recycled plastic cylinder and bicycle parts. The cylinder is connected to the bicycle chain which can be powered by pedaling. A mesh container sits inside the cylinder where water can be loaded together with soap.

He demonstrated how the pedal-powered washing machine works by putting the dirty cloth into the mesh container inside the cylinder and manually cycled the bike for a while. Not just it, it also comes with a drying feature as well.

His invention was presented at the National Level Inspire Award competition at IIT Delhi and selected at international portals.

Watch the video below:

Brilliant Idea Ever!

This 7th grade student made Bicycle Powered Washing Machine 😲Credit: Pratyaya EduResearch Lab –

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