Filipino Driver Returned The Bag That Contains Php2 Million To A Foreigner Owner.

This Filipino driver returned the bag that contains Php2 million to a foreigner owner.

It’s is rare nowadays to encounter good-hearted and honest people. But there are also who are adorable and a good role model of our society. These people are not easily tempted by money. One mayor of Sogod, Southern Leyte recently shared the story of one Filipino motor cab driver that does a viral-worthy act.

His story was first shared on social media and many netizens admired hid goodness and honesty. In fact, many netizens share and like his story, saying that he should be a role model of every Filipino. This Filipino driver is identified as Dennis Geverola. He returned the bag that contains Php2 million and other important documents left by his foreigner passenger in his motor cab.

According to the mayor, he is happy to share the admirable act of returning the bag to the rightful owner. He wrote on the caption:

“On behalf of the Municipality of Sogod, I would like to comment on the motor cab driver, Mr. Dennis Geverola for returning the bag that was left in his vehicle. The bag contained 2 million pesos in cash and other important documents. May God bless you!”

Despite earning under the minimum wage, Mr. Geverola wasn’t tempted to keep the money, instead, he returned it to the foreigner owner.

The moral of a country is defined by how its citizen act and the way they live. With what the Filipino driver did, he just restores the original image of Filipinos which is naturally kind, good-hearted, and respectful people both to their fellowmen and to foreigners.

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