Angel Locsin Bought A Beach Property To Grant His Father’s Wish!

This shows how Angel Locsin love his Dad!

One of the most admired traits Filipinos have is their love for their family especially their parents. We Filipinos are family-oriented and we chose to stay with them as long we can and when it possible. In the Philippine showbiz industry, we have seen and witnessed how celebrities love their families and parents. With that in mind, we all know how much the actress Angel Locsin loves his family, especially his dad.

Angel Locsin is one of the most sought and beautiful actresses in the Philippines. But more than just having a pretty face, she is also known as a true angel because of his kindness not only as an actress but as a human being.

Recently, Angel Locsin took to Instagram to express her gratitude to her supporters who she said helped her make a dream come true.

She posted a photo of her posing at the scenic Talisayen Cove Zambales and wrote:

“Little by little, I’m almost there to fulfill my father’s and now, my dream as well, to have a place where we can spend time as a family while being able to preserve the beauty of nature! I don’t post stuff like this, but this became possible because of you guys so I feel you deserve to know that by giving me a chance in this world, your kindness and love has done wonders to our lives. Thank you so so much.”

One of her fans immediately asked if she is buying a property in the island saying, “Does that mean you now own an island or a resort?” Then one netizen answered, “Just a part of the cove. We’re so happy that she found our place and choose to spend their free time at Pundaquit.”

This makes a lot of netizens admire her more. Many were also inspired to fulfill their parent’s wishes.

Meanwhile, Angel Locsin is the main character in the recently aired Kapamilya teleserye The General’s Daughter and currently happy with her boyfriend Neil Arce.

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