Netizens Look For The Man Wearing This Ruined Shoe.

Many netizens look for the man wearing this ruined shoe after his photo was uploaded on social media.

Social media made us witness various stories that gave us realization about life and taught us valuable lessons. This sounds cliche but what Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray said about poverty and gratefulness really impacted not just me but the whole world. She emphasizes the despite terrible and unfortunate situations, we should see it with silver lining and instead of complaining, we should still be grateful with our lives.

Because of status quo, many of us are spending more time complaining than being grateful with our lives. Sad to say, the degree of our thankfulness depends on the quality and quantity of the things we received in life. While most of us complained about our unbranded shoes, our jobs, our life in general, there are some who still manage living despite poverty and lack.

With that being said, one man recently shared a photo of a man’s shoes that immeditely caught the attention of the netizens. On the photo, we could see that the shoe is kept together by the straw tied around it. Though the other one was not seen, we could assume that it’s the same as the one seen on the photo.

He captioned the post:

“Complaining bout your unbranded shoes? Complaining bout your low class shoes? Think twice bruh, this broke my heart so much I wanna buy him some. But my wallet is too thin to do that, God bless this man. #FindingTatay.”

Many netizens were touched by the photo and some of them even offered to give a pair of shoes when he is found. We hope that people could help Tatay not just to give him a pair of shoes but also help him with her life’s condition.

Now, netizens looks for the man wearing this ruined shoe.

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