Educational Android Games Beneficial To Your Kids While Having Fun.

These educational android games will let your children learn and have fun at the same time.

Parents are very aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using gadgets and apps on their children. There are instances where children became addicted to mobile games, resulting in losing focus on their studies and also losing time with their family, not to mention the danger it could cause to their health. Opinions are divided, but we believe that using it in moderation is the key.

But according to Yugatech, there are 5 educational android games your kids can download without any fear.

Magic Kinder Official App

This app is developed by the famous Kinder chocolates. It makes kids collect Kinder surprises just like in real life.

Math Puzzle (Mathematik)

If you want your kids to learn how to solve math problems, let them download this math puzzle game. It comes with basic to complex arithmetic equations and other game modes.

Brain Games Kids

Brain Games Kids has 12 different game modes with three difficulties (+3 years, +6 years, and +10 years) that kids will enjoy playing. These games also improve their memory skills which will help them excel in school.

Batibot TV/Batibot Games

Batibot is one of the educational TV show in the Philippines that promotes interactive educational learning. This app will help exercise your kid’s memory and analytical skills.

Kids Learn: Color, Shape, Number, Alphabet, Animal.

The Kids Learn app will help your kids gain fundamental or basic knowledge such as colors, shapes, number, alphabets, animals, and other objects.

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